Hi, I’m Ben. Welcome to my website!

A little bit about me:

  • My favorite TV show is Mad Men (with many close seconds like The Sopranos and Band of Brothers)
  • I have a PhD in mechanical engineering
  • I was homeschooled until college
  • I love coding and building solutions for data-driven decision making
  • I make my bed everyday
  • I love 3D printing, traveling, video games, podcasts, philosophy, and friends

I also love helping others, which is what inspires me to share things here, so I hope you find a tidbit useful here!

Here’s some other random stuff about me…


From: Tampa, FL
Visited: Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, Law Vegas, Austin, Houston, Washington D.C., Smokey Mountains, Chattanooga, Atlanta

Bucket list: road trip up the west coast – LA to Vancouver, Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, Norway), Asia (Singapore, Japan)

3D Printing and Making Stuff (see more)

It’s been really fun getting family and friends interested in 3D printing as well, and working with them on projects.

Playing video games

Buying things on Amazon

Other stuff: