3D Printing

My Current Printing Setup

I jumped into 3D printing head first, and I’ve had tons of fun! If you’re thinking about getting into 3D printing, I wrote a few thoughts, tips, and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve done a few minor upgrades to the Prusa Mk2S. The biggest difference is from the spool holder you can see at the top. I wanted something where I could easily switch between filaments, and that was cheap to make.

Next thing is to get a concrete paver to use as damping between the printer and the table. CNC Kitchen explains how the table can act as an amplifier for printer noises (I’ve verified mine does).

Assembling 3D Printers

This hobby started, for me, with a TEVO Tarantula kit. I learned a lot about 3D printing and design from this first dive into the rapid prototyping world.

After assembling the TEVO, I printed some upgrades to improve print quality. The main improvements were stronger frame brackets and a part cooling fan/assembly. I decided to upgrade about a year later. This time, I went with the Prusa i3 MK2S kit.

A Few Things I’ve Designed and Printed

My Designs

Other people’s cool designs that I printed