Apartment Workbench

Over the last several years, I’ve been slowly putting together a small workbench in my apartment. Here are some pictures of its evolution… 🤔 Just the Bench 👷 Under Construction ✔️ Finished? 🔌 A Few “Special Features”

MATLAB Textbook

I co-authored the third edition of Introduction to Programming Concepts with MATLAB. This was a fun experience for me as I love teaching and trying to figure out the most effective way to present content for a learner.

Predicting Stock Trades with Machine Learning

I decided to select my stock prediction problem with the goal of reducing the complexity of the problem while achieving a useful result. I defined my problem (to solve with machine learning (ML)) as predicting whether WMT would be a good buy/sell within the next D days. A good buy/sell was a change in stock … Read more

Wind Powered Water Pump

My friend and I designed and built this water pump out as a group project for our Kinematics and Dynamics class. We used mostly recycled parts that were lying around like an old car radiator fan and some shafts and gears from a broken printer. We modified our design around these to stick with the … Read more