Why I Made a Blog

Convincing myself to start a blog took awhile. I’m afflicted with egophobia, and writing a blog seemed a little self-important to me. Ultimately, I’m doing it because I enjoy it. I have been writing most of these things down for years in Google Docs, and the sentiment of “the only thing stopping you from putting your ideas online is your ego” finally resonated with me. Sharing a Google Doc with someone rather than just having a website seems inefficient and clunky. So, having a website and posting my thoughts is an exercise in being vulnerable.

It’s also an exercise in productionism rather than perfectionism. (Damn, is “productionism” as good as I think it is?) I am typically very meticulous, so I would want to proofread everything several times and think about it for a long time to see whether the idea is just temporary. My compromise is to separate things into different sections: Projects, Blog, and Notes. I am not proofreading the “Notes” in detail. I realize there will be mistakes in other areas and people will see them. I am forcing myself to be ok with that.

Other people’s thoughts on the matter that I found convincing: