Review: First Week Using a Kindle

Like many, I debated for awhile about buying a Kindle since I had never used an e-reader before. Would I miss the feel of a book? Would it ruin the experience? All the usual stuff. Ultimately, I bit the bullet and bought one. Would I buy again? Absolutely. I bought the Amazon Paperwhite (10th Gen), … Read more

Podcasts I Listen(ed) To

If you don’t listen to podcasts, start immediately! Podcasts allow you to regain some lost time due to driving, cleaning, washing dishes, walking, etc., etc. I recommend you start with a podcast on something you’re really interested in. Don’t start with something work/school related unless you are actually interested in that topic. Make it easy … Read more

Apartment Workbench

Over the last several years, I’ve been slowly putting together a small workbench in my apartment. Here are some pictures of its evolution… 🤔 Just the Bench 👷 Under Construction ✔️ Finished? 🔌 A Few “Special Features”

Vicon Set Up Guide

This guide will give you a quick place to start when you need to re-position Vicon cameras. Our System Specs 8 VICON Vero 2.2 cameras 1 Ethernet switch 1 control PC running Vicon Tracker Custom railing suspended from ceiling (where cameras were mounted) Our System Requirements Make sure you think about what you’re going to … Read more

My System for GTD Inboxing

This post outlines the system of inboxing that allows me to keep track of everything, or at least most things. These apps and methods are a result of trying many different things over the years. Todoist: I use Todoist as my task management tool. For inboxing, I use Todoist’s task inbox. I just type in … Read more

MATLAB Textbook

I co-authored the third edition of Introduction to Programming Concepts with MATLAB. This was a fun experience for me as I love teaching and trying to figure out the most effective way to present content for a learner.

How I Use Rocketbook: A Review

Rocketbook (RB) is a “smart”, reusable notebook. I decided to try one out because I was tired of taking pictures of my “traditional” paper notebooks and having to flip back through a bunch of junk pages to find something I wrote last week. I purchased the Exectutive size (6″x8.8″) from Amazon. I am happy about … Read more